G.A.Nimal Jayaweera

I was born in Vigoda village which is near to the Veyangoda City in Sri Lanka. I’m the sixth child of a family of seven children. G.A. Jayaweera who was a dancing teacher in profession is my father and my mother, Lilawathi was a housewife. I studied at Vigoda Maha Vidyalaya. After completing my school education, in late 1970s, I was being at Gee Kiyana Kanda where one of my cousins was superintend of there. That period can be considered as the very first period in which I was directed to this profession. At the beginning I breed Alsatian (known as German Shepherd in the present), Dachshund and Beegle dogs.

At the middle of 1980 decade, I returned to Vigoda Village which is my hometown to settle down there. At the beginning I breed ‘Lasee’ who was a Pomeranian dog. Then I breed many more of that type and then little by little started to breed German Shepherd, Dalmatian, Doberman and Dachshund dogs. And also I did Crossing dogs and Selling puppies. My specialty is that I never advertised about crossing dogs or selling puppies and not selling puppies that whose father or mother not with me. That means, I never bought puppies for wholesale from others.

Since middle of 1980, my wife has been giving hand for me and from middle of 2000 decade my daughter is giving support to do this. In the present my wife, daughter and me are doing all of these tasks together. In the present I have large number of dogs of German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Rottweiler and Dachshund breeds.

We have done selling and crossing dogs not only in Gampaha District but also Ampara, Kurunegala, Mathale, Horana, Waskaduwa, Benthara, Polonnaruwa, Pilimathalawa, Walapane, Nuwara Eliya, Sinharaja, BulathSinhala, Padukka, Maharagama and Boralla areas via relationships (without any advertising).We have all the details about those selling and crossing. Other than this, we direct people to other relations who have good and healthy puppies of other breeds whenever a person needs them.

With the modern technology people need to do most of the tasks by staying at home. The main reason for publishing this website was giving opportunities to see parents who want to buy a puppy or see male dogs who want to cross in remote areas. These ideas were given by my daughter.

Finally I want to thank my wife, daughter, cousins, veterinary surgeons, clients and all the relations who gave me hand to be in this field such a long time



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German Shepherd
Lasse    (Female-CKC Registered)     Shain  {Male - CKC Registered}     Jude    (Male-CKC Registered)
 Rocky  (Male- CKC Registered)      Brain (Male)     Akie (Male)

Golden Retriever

Silkey (Female-CKC Registered)       Mashe   (Female-CKC Registered)     Norcy (Female-CKC Registered)
Kiko (Male-KASL Registered)              

Labrador Retriever

Morphy   (Female-CKC Registered)        


Ruby  (Male-CKC Registered)     Silkey  (Female-CKC Registered)      


Pinkey (Female)            


Britny  (Female)        

Cocker Spaniel


Kukee  (Female)        


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