Breeds in SL

Dog Breeds can be categorized in many ways. Following is one categorization of Dog Breeds available in Sri Lanka.


  • Dr (Mrs) P.Katugampala (B.V.Sc) Sri Lanka
  • Dr K.H.D Chandani (B.V.Sc/M.V.Sc) Sri Lanka
  • Dr Chandana Jayawardana (B.V.Sc) Sri Lanka
  • Dr Chamara M.M.A (B.V.Sc) Sri Lanka
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Breeds A-Z

Many more dog breeds are available world wide. But only few of those breeds are named as accepted by World Kennel Club. Here you can find details of accepted dog breeds.

Breed Origin Image
Afghan Hound Afghanistan  6
Airedale Terrier England  3
Akita Japan  5
Alaskan Malamute United States  2
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